Monday, March 5, 2012

Soaking in the Twittersphere

My first story on Storify aggregates more than 100 tweets (from one day!) containing quotes from Montaige's Essais. My tweet about the story has been retweeted, and I've gained three new followers. I've been captured by the Twittersphere... and I'm having fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exciting DH Tools: TraduXio

TraduXio is a collaborative platform for the translation of cultural texts. The primary developers are French. This is a potentially radical tool that must be explored.

Questions for Zotero Workshop at First THATCamp

I'm heading to my first THATCamp on Friday (woot!), and I plan to attend the Zotero workshop. After a few failed attempts, I managed to get the Firefox add-on installed and I've added a few entries. Now the questions begin... I'll be updating this post throughout the week and then (hopefully) adding answers during or after the workshop.

- If I want to enter the Companion to Digital Humanities, should I enter each chapter separately or the work as a whole? (I vaguely remember seeing something about a parent/child relationship between resources; maybe this is the answer).

- Do I need to capture a snapshot of every webpage and blog post if I want to view it offline?

- What is the difference between the first and second levels in the center panel? Each item I have saved so far (all blog posts) has been created this way.

- Is there any way to blog directly from Zotero?

-There has to be a better way to import the PDF of a paper than what I did for the "Translation, Style, and Ideology" paper - what is it?