Sunday, March 4, 2012

Questions for Zotero Workshop at First THATCamp

I'm heading to my first THATCamp on Friday (woot!), and I plan to attend the Zotero workshop. After a few failed attempts, I managed to get the Firefox add-on installed and I've added a few entries. Now the questions begin... I'll be updating this post throughout the week and then (hopefully) adding answers during or after the workshop.

- If I want to enter the Companion to Digital Humanities, should I enter each chapter separately or the work as a whole? (I vaguely remember seeing something about a parent/child relationship between resources; maybe this is the answer).

- Do I need to capture a snapshot of every webpage and blog post if I want to view it offline?

- What is the difference between the first and second levels in the center panel? Each item I have saved so far (all blog posts) has been created this way.

- Is there any way to blog directly from Zotero?

-There has to be a better way to import the PDF of a paper than what I did for the "Translation, Style, and Ideology" paper - what is it?

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